It’s hard to start your business and have possible customers recognize your name and take you seriously.

With the right tools your Company will stand out and resonate with your Primary customers and/or consumers. We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but we have clients from all over!

As a Small business owner, we recognized that budgets are tight. For this, we will help you by creating the first steps of your Brand that will attract and retain your ideal clients!

First! You will Fill out one of my Contact Forms, and then we book a Discovery Video Call, where we will chat about your Business Goals and struggles and how I can help your Business Glow with my Services.
Once we decide we want to work together, we will sign the Contract, and you will pay the Retainer.
We schedule a Brief Strategy Call, where we will define the Goals of the Project and the Mood Board that will be follow throughout the project’s design.

The Work Process

I’ll start the process of making your Shiniest Focused Strategic Visual Identity that will make your heart shine! and your Business accomplishes its Dream First Step!
Some back and forth, for approvals on Milestones.

Designing time

Once all is approved by you, we Celebrate! It’s time to launch. 
You will receive all your Visual Elements ready to Blow your Ideal Client’s mind in the first part, then you can use them in all your touchpoints with potential clients!

Get ready to Launch

A cohesive Brand Identity builds recognition and trust among potential clients, helping your business stand out from competitors and foster loyalty.
It serves as the foundation for all marketing and communication efforts, providing a consistent and unified message across various channels.

I need a Full BRand Identity, I'm Ready to Go Big!

You know you need this first!

Timeline: 4 – 6 weeks
Investment: Starting at $1,800.00 CA + GST

Creating a strong Visual Identity is essential for businesses to establish a distinct and memorable presence in the market.
It includes:
✔   Logo Set, Color Palette, Typography,
✔   A pattern,
✔   One Instagram Highlight Cover Template,
✔   One Instagram Post Template for your Launch Day,
✔   And other elements your Business might need!

Mini-Brand Identity / Logo Design

Get ready for your Visual Identity

By choosing the Creation of your Brand Identity, you'll experience a streamlined process from conception to the aftermath. Our cohesive approach ensures consistency across all brand touchpoints, saving you time and effort.

Streamlined Process

Our combined approach maximizes visual impact. From striking logos to visually stunning websites, we leverage design elements to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Optimized Visual Impact

Highlights of working with ATamez Design

Sarah T.  ~ Graphic Design month-to-month

Better month we couldn't have! Once we got started it was easy to follow up every project we requested, with all the changes we required. It tooks us a couple of days to understand the platform to submit the projects, but once we got it, it was easy, we left messages which got answered quick and on time; the team only works on office hours but that never seemed to be an issue! 
We loved working with ATamez Design, we will be signing for another month for Graphic Design work soon! Thanks Ana! 

Balwinder M. ~ Website Design, Mini-Brand

I had a fantastic experience working with your team on our web design project. The process was incredibly well-structured and organized, with clear milestones and timelines that kept us on track, making the entire experience efficient and hassle-free… The results of the project exceeded my expectations…

Lisa P. ~ Website Design, Graphic Design

Ana was such a joy to work with on my new and improved website. The whole process … was professional and encouraging… She helped me find clarity… I am so thrilled with my new website and am excited to share… Thank you Ana… I am forever grateful and I love recommending you!

Julie M. ~ Brand Identity, Website Design

Ease working with ATamez Design, after we launch our new brand we noticed an increase in subscriptions and sales. We are amaze with the different before and after our brand identity. Perfect timeline, and we were able to add other deliverables for our business. Hard work with amazing results, thank you, Ana.

Testimonials ~ Amazing Words

I need guidance

This is an hour-and-a-half of Brand Consultation. Before our meeting, I will send you a Questionnaire, so I can do my Research and define the Pain Points your Business is Suffering to be discussed during our meeting, so you can make the necessary changes to achieve Success!

This Service is for Business Owners who are seeking to improve their Brand and Website sales efforts, by applying the correct content and strategy.

Brand Consultation

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